In today's competitive environments, even the most quality conscious organisation can encounter problems with incorrectly manufactured goods. Problems arise for a number of reasons but primarily as a result of manufacturing issues, assembly line faults, changes in specification or legislation and transportation damage, even fumigation of infected containers.

Rectification & Rework

Whether the job involves a major manufacturing fault or a minor packaging fault, RDS's rectification and rework department can be trusted to turnaround the work on time and within budget. We can even source components, consumables and new packaging. Should the items in question be beyond brand integrity and economic repair we can offer a secure and confidential incineration service.

Regardless of the nature of your requirement, all rectification activities are undertaken with complete confidentiality. So the next time you encounter problems with stock give RDS your problem, if we cannot fix it then no one can.

We guarantee to find a solution for your problem!


At times you may find that current good stock needs a slight modification to meet your requirements, whether it is a new product component or simply a new carton configuration or a new label, RDS have the answer.

Product Assembly

Our product assembly service enables components to come together from various cost effective world wide sources for assembly within the EU, whilst offering alternative ways around import restrictions and duty payments.

Working with the client RDS will first undertake a feasibility study of the product and its components, then once approved set up the production facility to undertake the required operation.

Quality Control

Goods often arrive in the country with a suspect fault that needs to be checked before delivering stock to a client. At times it is not economically viable to fix the fault on a batch of stock. This is where the RDS QC service can help. Undertaking a QC on stock will always ensure that you get the best out of a bad batch, therefore fulfilling part of your obligation with a client. The bad or B grade stock can be down graded ensuring that you can sell the balance to a clearance company, therefore not leaving your warehouse clogged up with stock that you cannot sell.


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