Value Added Support Services (VAS)


These days it seems that most major retailers and mail order companies, whether in the UK or overseas, will only accept stock from suppliers if it is delivered to their own exact specification, which could mean dealing with over 100 different specifications at any one time within a production area. At RDS with our experience in this competitive arena we have evolved to become one of Europe's leading providers of pre retail stock preparation services, following a number of strict specifications every day. At RDS we appreciate the importance of pre retailing and recognise that this is an added cost to an organisation, we pride ourselves in offering a competitive but efficient service.

Pre Retailing


Pre retailing issues are best dealt with at the point of manufacture but if this is not possible then as a company you will be required to prepare stock in house before delivering it to your customer, this can at peak periods prove to be an impossible task. Why not outsource the task to a specialist such as RDS, whereby you allow your own team to concentrate on core activities within your own warehouse and let the experienced team at RDS concentrate on your pre retailing. RDS have a dedicated workforce who are used to processing large volumes of stock quickly and efficiently. We make an ideal partner for those companies who supply the retail and mail order trades.



Alongside our labelling services we recognise that a number of retailers require their own company kimball tags attaching to goods rather than just applying a printed label. RDS has the expertise to undertake this operation whether it is boxed or hanging goods. We also have the storage systems to control, receive and handle the kimball tags directly from your client. Reporting and updating the client about usage on a regular basis.



Just as the emphasis on the presentation of retail good has increased, so too has the importance of point of sale packaging and product information - particularly price and stock number labelling and bar-coding. These days many retailers will incorporate your own company's barcode into their point of sale system. Therefore it is critical that your information is clear, precise and can be clearly scanned. At RDS we can create any type of barcode in any format incorporating all the information required for integrated barcode systems. We can even re-create barcodes if you find that stock has arrived with poor quality information. All the barcodes we create are verified by our in house scan facilities.



RDS offers a comprehensive label design and printing service to the retail supply sector, allowing exact client requirements to be satisfied whilst ensuring that all relevant label legislation is met.

Clients can have their own labels designed, printed and distributed overseas, even incorporating barcodes, logos and symbols. The fact that RDS are able to handle information electronically ensures that the risk of human error is mimimised. We can even link our system into your own and download information directly to print customised labels for exact supplier or retail requirements.

Regardless of the language or detail required, this service offers an unrivalled valuable source of supply.

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