Electrical Rework


If electrical appliances need testing or reworking prior to them entering the retail environment then as a company you need the peace of mind that the test are undertaken professionally, correctly and have complete traceability. The RDS electrical safety testing service provides the European supply chain of manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers of electrical appliances a wide range of high quality electrical rework and testing options. Faulty product can arrive in many disguises, electrical wiring, mechanical assembly, faulty components, design faults, torque settings or simply incorrect or no critical sundry components packed with the appliance, including incorrect labelling and packaging.

The RDS electrical rework department offers a cost effective professional service, we can even deal with any recall issues your company may be faced with.

Electrical Testing


At RDS we use specialist digital safety testing instruments during the electrical test process, providing assurance and traceability. The tests we offer are a class one test, a class two test, earth bond testing, an insulation resistance test and a basic flash test. For more details on these tests please contact us.

Plug Top Replacement


Plug top replacement is one of the most common operations on electrical appliances, whether it is UK three pin to European schuko or vice versa. These days there are more options for plug top replacement which can be more cost effective than a full re-plugging exercise. Whilst RDS continues to offer the full replacement service including all the required relevant tests we can now offer a service applying a plug top converter. These are becoming recognised more and more by UK retailers and they do offer a more cost effective and quicker method of plug top conversion. RDS will source and supply any components required for this service.

For more details on these services please contact us.